Top 8 Self-Publishing Companies To Help Get Your Book Out There


Although it has been around since the days of Beatrix Potter, self-publishing is fast becoming a viable option for aspiring authors. Self-publishing books are making appearances on bestseller lists all over the globe, with writers no longer being held hostage to big publishing companies in order to generate commercial success.

When it comes to self-publishing companies, there are a plethora of options available that all aim to help your book look better, read better and ultimately sell better. Because there are now so many self-publishing firms in the marketplace, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Here are the top 8 self-publishers that we recommend to help share your book with the world!


If you are looking to print something other than a traditional basic paperback then Ingram is the way to go as it provides self-publishing authors with the ability to print on demand books in a variety of different sizes, formats and trims. Publishing through Ingram will also gain you entry into a range of selling platforms via the Ingram catalogue, which allows your book to be ordered by libraries, bookshops, gift stores and other retail outlets. They also have one of the largest eBook distribution networks in the world.


Owned by Amazon, KDP is pretty top notch when it comes to the world of self-publishing. As it is under the Amazon family umbrella there is very little that KDP can’t help you with. A bit of a one-stop shop. KDP allows you to publish both print and digital versions of your book and sell them on, which has a massive sales base making this a very attractive option. Another service is that KDP allows you to order any number of books using the wholesale pricing which means that you can get an easy supply of books for promotional events.


Authorlab is a great option for the author who wants to really be guided through the self-publishing process as it takes the guesswork out of writing, marketing and really reduces the amount of time and money that authors need to dedicate to issues such as print layout, eBook layout, promotional materials and social media campaigns.


With a bit of a reputation as a “no-frills’ self-publishing house, Kobo is an undisputed powerhouse in the world of e-books – especially in Canada where they are responsible for a quarter of all eBook sales.


If you fancy yourself as an ‘indie author’ and someone who likes to do things a bit differently then Smashwords might be just the self-publishing house for you. Smashwords is not averse to taking risks and not conforming but don’t think that means that they are not serious about sales – they sure are.


Publishing over 1,000 new titles every day, Lulu is a big player in the world of self-publishing. What makes Lulu so appealing is that the company pays huge attention to detail and offers a range of services including proofreading, editorial help and marketing. Lulu is renowned for the professional and appealing presentation of their books.


Draft 2 Digital works a bit like Smashwords, allowing you to upload your eBook to one portal whilst allowing it to be distributed to a plethora of different eBook vendors. One of the most appealing things about Draft 2 Digital is that the format your eBook for you – one less job for the budding author!


Blurb’s design and marketing skills are not only easy to navigate but are also top-notch. One of the things that Blurb brings to the self-publishing table, which makes it so well liked, is variety. The variety that they offer in terms of magazines, blog books, leaflets and planners in addition to eBooks and paperbacks is what makes this site so popular.