Amber Walker: Songbird With Soul


Some people have an innate talent for expressing through art. Putting feelings into words is a talent that alludes many people, but for talented Singer, Songwriter and Actress Amber Walker, it can dissolve nerves and dissipate anxiety in no time.

I spoke with Amber about life experiences and how our raw emotions can help shape stories, into songs

“I came up with a song from the words that Tanya gave me, by ‘feeling’ what I am writing. The words seem to flow to me easily that way,” Amber said.

Amber explained that writing for her, comes from how you are feeling at the time, it can reflect your emotions and what you are going through.

People need something to relate to. If I feel nervous, then others are able to relate to my nerves and I can help them transform their feelings. Writing something positive and relaxing helps people with nervousness and anxiety.

“Sometimes a person might want to simply just sit and feel their emotions, for others they might want to move through their emotions. I then can write and convey a song that is about breaking free and this is what others can relate to. We all want to break free from our emotions at times”.

Most of all, writing can be a way to express our feelings and emotions. It can help others to relate to how we are feeling.

Writing is a great way to share a message and a song is a beautiful way of communicating this.

Writing is about creativity and songwriting is certainly about expressing your creativity.

It can be used as a way to express your feelings and it’s a great way to unleash yourself”, – Amber.

I decided to put Amber’s writing talents into a song and asked her to compile something for my husband Lukas’ birthday. I had come up with some words a few years ago and this is where; ‘Sing To My Heart’, was birthed.

The song came together from what resonated within myself and with Amber using my pointers on some of the key messages throughout the song. She related really well to the words we had writ- ten, which inspired her to take the lyrics even further.

Sometimes we get lost or stuck in our emotions and need to find our way back on track again. With the light of the moon and the stars that are shining, Amber gives hope to us all through the song, that we can find our way back. Back to the heart, where we can love and have compassion for ourself and others.

One of Ambers most unique talents, is being able to feel other people’s emotions.

“Your words touched my heart, as I could completely relate to them and understood what your message was,” she told me.

This talented songbird has also been awarded medals for acting and singing and written a monologue!

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I wrote; “I’m feeling like I am swimming in an ocean, miles away, I can’t find my way back to the shore.”
Amber wrote; “I feel like I’m swimming in an Ocean, World’s away… Amber changed this to make it flow with Amber’s melody.

I wrote: “I can’t find my way back to the shore.”

Amber added; “But I’ll, find my way,” to again, make it flow with the melody. I wrote: “The waves keep turning. Just let the stars keep on shining.”

Amber added; “The waves keep on turning, with The Moon, Just let the stars keep shining on when I’m, with you, with you!

When I fall into the deep, you are there, to lift me on my feet, When I lose my ways, in this World,

You call me back, you rise me up, you sing to my heart, oh yeah!”

Listen to the full song here

This talented songbird has also been awarded a medal for acting and written a monologue. Her video is on her website.

If you would like you to know more about Amber Walker and her singing go to