Having the right mindset to follow through on project can be somewhat challenging and, writing is certainly no exception.

Writing a book, a script, a manuscript or even a song can bring up a lot of self-doubts and feelings that perhaps, you were not even aware were inside you.

There are many reasons for these bloackages that arise and with kinesiology and other effective tools, I am able to assist clients to bust through the limitations and beliefs that are holding them back from moving forward with their goal of writing.

Like anything that takes time and patience, you need to put in the work to make your writing strong. In fact, in some ways you need to put in more work by addressing the doubts that are holding you back.

Whether it’s writers block, or something else, the challenge of writing can be daunting. This is because writing reveals some hard truths about our inner-self, which can feel uncomfortable at times, especially if the writing requires you to write with an uncertainly and vulnerability. Many writers struggle to keep going and inspiration can be strained by limiting beliefs and feelings of self-doubt, fear, perfectionism, self-criticism and the pressures from the outside world. This all holds you back from the writing that should come flooding out of you.

International Author of; Speak Positively. Manifest what you really want by saying what you really mean, Jan Henderson, shares with to Get Published Magazine some of the challenges she faces while writing.

“Actually going through the life experiences as you’re writing about them, for example when writing about truth and lying, I was trying to get a real handle on, how others have lied to me and also how much other people lie in the community, but also how I was lying. This experience has given me new insight and awareness to how I see life and how life is reflected back to me,” said Jan.

“This has made me feel really uncomfortable at times, and how I needed to move through the uncomfortable emotions to deal with them, is the bases of what I am all about. I was able to utilise some of the tools I write about in my book, with my own experience, which has helped me immensely. This is a great example of a direct experience, that I am writing about,” she said.

The good news is, that we all have these feelings, because we are all having a human experience here on earth. They are personal, however, we are here to assist you to be able to work through them with ease and joy.

Some of these struggles when starting a new project do include staying with it, even when is feels hard. How do we stay on the right path while writing? Why are you finding it challenging? Please feel free to let us know at If you would like a session tailored especially to your needs, you can find out more about how we assist writers to get their work published. We are also offering a $10 discount to all Get Published readers.