How New Authors Can Stand a Chance Against Well-Established Ones


Came across this helpful piece of writing from Jane Friedman and thought that we would share it. It’s called What Makes Readers Give an Unknown Author a Chance?

It shares some fascinating nuggets of wisdom. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

Overwhelmingly, what made respondents willing to “give a new author a try” (other than a trusted recommendation) was the book’s cover and title: in other words, their first impression.

That didn’t mean they would end up loving the book or even finishing it, only that it would motivate them to pick it up, open it, and purchase it. Together, cover and title were mentioned more than all the other reasons combined: it accounted for 50% of responses, with some people adding a note to apologize for “judging a book by its cover.”

Give the rest of this remarkable piece of writing a read for more information and context.

Read the source article at Jane Friedman