Interview with Editor In Chief Tanya de Haan

Continually coming up with new ideas, following them through and getting your writing published takes more than just the ability to put words together in a creative way.

Writers must think about whether or not they have the necessary mindset to help them overcome the challenges they will face on the way to being published.

Get Published Editor In Chief Tanya de Haan provides some insight into ways would-be authors can set themselves up for success.

What is one of the biggest mindset challenges you see writers confronting on a regular basis?

The ability to learn to receive the gifts presented to us. When opportunity shows up, we can be very quick to sabotage it because we put limitations on ourselves and convince ourselves these limitations are true.

For example, if we say, “I am going to have this in my life and I am going to write this book and have it published”, are we willing to receive when it actually starts to show up?

How are you going to feel when you receive an amazing compliment about your book or other work that has been
published? Are you unwilling to receive the compliment?

If we understand the greatness we have and what we came here to be, we are able to truly create and write.

What do you think are some common causes of this mindset issue?

Most of the negative beliefs and thoughts we have are ones we somehow bought into at an earlier stage of our life, usually at a young age.

The thing is, most of the beliefs we have bought into are not even ours! They are the thoughts, considerations, judgements of someone else’s limitations. We just chose (subconsciously) at some point to validate them as truth for ourselves.

What are some key tips people can use to find a way around this kind of mindset hurdle?

You really need to be aware of some of the beliefs you have about things. For example, what is the meaning you assign to events such as writing a book? Perhaps you think “it’s too hard” or “it’s too much work”, etc.

Change the negative beliefs you have about writing into ones that will support you, and this will help you to move towards your goal of writing, rather than away from it. It’s helpful to have someone assist with this, such as a life coach, since often, we are not very aware of some of the thoughts we are creating. Remember: the only person who is getting in the way of your writing is you.

Also, a book I recommend for creatives who are struggling with mindset is Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day by Todd Henry.

What are the benefits of changing your mindset, if you want to be a published writer?

When you can be truly you, because you choose your own thoughts and beliefs, you can be the creator of your own life story and write, telling your stories more clearly through your own eyes. This is when you will really start to create.

Your thoughts are creating your future and will reflect the part of you that really wants to shine. When we get to this point we have true freedom, creative and otherwise.

What are some good habits writers can put in place to develop the kind of mindset needed to be a successful author?

There are many habits you can establish to support yourself.

  • Choose good nutrition. The stomach and mind are connected.
  • Do daily reflection. Keep a journal with you to help you avoid reactive behaviour and live more in the present.
  • Commit to taking little writing steps each day, whether it’s a paragraph or a chapter. Pencil in time for this each day on your to-do list.
  • Create a list of what you want to achieve every day. This gets things out of your head, and helps you to avoid overwhelm.
  • Diffuse essential oils like lemon and rosemary for clarity, focus and creativity.

A good book that revolves around organising your work day and putting good habits in place is David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

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