Night sailing by Niesje Hees


Our nightly vigil looms – the watch appears
Well-dressed, awake, in buoyant cautious trust,
The friendly frothing crests deriding fear
While twilight slithers down the heedless seas
Rude thuds and crashes hailing each new gust,
Our nightly vigil young – the bold watch steers
But weary mortals driving blindly see
How mild playful peaks betrayed our trust,
And hostile menace stalks our covert fear
The shrill incessant clamour spawns our pleas
To gurgling unseen mammoths, fiends untrussed,
The nightly vigil aged – next watch appears
In blackness, hidden beasts are frothing free,
White knuckled clasping from the helmsman just
As heaving peril taunts our unmasked fear
Then languid dawn and orange throbbing sea
Bring rescue from that fearsome monster’s thrust,
Our daylight vigil near – the watch appears
The friendly frothing crests deriding fear